We provide a combination of services that allows homeowners to save on energy costs and maximize the overall efficiency of their home.  Our quality products are installed by technicians who have received specialized training and understand the role they play in bringing a home to proper efficiency.  

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If any portion of our installation is not to your total upmost satisfaction, then we will redo that designated area until it is done right; we will refund any additional cost associated on that job. In addition, we also offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE against insulation settling. If settling occurs, your home will receive a full replacement at no cost.

All of us here as Eco Insulation stand behind the products we sell and strive to ensure all work performed is of the highest standard.  We recommend and perform work that will ultimately save the homeowner money and reduce energy loss in their home.

Energy Audit

This diagram demonstrates where your home could     be losing energy.

Residential Home Energy Audits provide a roadmap for greater energy efficiency and help better understand how a home functions.  Benefits include:

  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Better health & safety
  • Greater comfort
  • Greater building durability
  • Higher resale value 

Whether you realize it or not, an energy assessment can help identify where energy is being lost in your home.  

What is BPI Certification?

Through extensive training, and written and field examinations, Eco Insulation has professionals who can conduct comprehensive whole-home assessments.  Not only can these professionals identify the source of energy loss in the home, but they can also devise an action plan to resolve any energy loss issues can be resolved.  Post-energy audits are performed to ensure the desired performance improvements have been reached. 

Fiberglass Insulation

Insulation is the most effective way to improve the energy efficiency of a home.  Buttoning up your home keeps it warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer by not allowing inside air to escape.  

Benefits of insulation include:

  • Improved year-round comfort

  • Reduces cost of heating and cooling by over 40%

  • Saves non-renewable resources and reduces greenhous emissions

  • Eliminates condensation on walls and ceilings

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE against insulation settling. If settling occurs, your home will receive a full replacement at no cost.

To learn more about the Certainteed's Insulsafe SP Premium Loose-Fill Fiberglass Insulation, view the pamphlet here.

Air Sealing

Reducing the amount of air that leaks in and out of your home is a cost-effective way to:

  • improve durability
  • cut heating and cooling costs
  • increase comfort
  • create a healthier indoor environment

Caulking and weather-stripping are the two most simple and effective air sealing techniques that offer returns on investment, often in one year or less.

*Please note that air sealing alone does not eliminate the need for proper insulation to reduce heat flow through the building envelope. 

Attic Ventilation

Installing baffles in an attic is a crucial step in the insulation installation process. Baffles provide ventilation and keeps the insulation from blocking air flow through your attic.  It is a process that will make a world of difference in assisting your insulation and keeping your home protected from rot caused by trapped moisture.


Duct Sealing

In houses with forced-air heating and cooling systems, ducts are used to distribute conditioned air throughout the house. According to the EPA, in a typical house, however, about 20 to 30 percent of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to leaks, holes, and poorly connected ducts. The result is higher utility bills and difficulty keeping the house comfortable, no matter how the thermostat is set.